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Convenient and cost effective - business or pleasure. We'll go wherever you want to go, whether you require round-trip, drop-off or stand-by services. Time is money! No airline delays or long security lines. You make the schedule. The rates are the same whether there is one passenger or five. Think of it as hiring your own air limo...instead of just one seat, you are hiring the entire plane with pilot for as long as you need.

Service with attention to detail is our guarantee to you. Our staff can organize every detail of your trip in advance. We can accommodate your request for needs such as ground transportation, special catering and hotel reservations.

The Redding Jet Center is able to offer flights based on your scheduling needs, unlike the airlines. We can operate from airports closer to your home and destination as well as provide you with first class service and expertise. You make the call to us and we will handle all of the details.

We do understand that your time is very valuable and we can help take away the waiting. Unlike the airlines, which require early arrivals, lengthy security checks, baggage check-in, crowded terminals, layovers and declining service, Redding Jet Center lets you set the time. The bottom line is, when properly assessed, charter aircraft can often pay for themselves in time, convenience and flexibility. Give us a call today (530) 224-2300 or for your convenience, fill out the schedule request below.

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Much like hiring your own air limo...instead of just one seat, you are hiring the entire plane with pilot for as long as you need.
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